QEC Membership


PT is a group of 2-3 professionals being nominated by the head of the department in consultation with the Dean. It is to be headed by a coordinator.It is the back bone of entire self assessment activity and is responsible for preparation of Self Assessment Report (SAR) and acts as a contact/focal group during the period of assessment process.


Compiling the report by responding to each criteria/ standards given in the Self Assessment Manual and integrating the collected information / feedback Collecting relevant data on faculty, students, libraries, laboratories and infrastructure Getting SA Performae filled by faculty, students, alumni and employers Writing summaries of feedback received through Performae.Analyzing the feedback and drawing conclusions Writing a foreword giving brief history of the program, particulars of the PT, date of starting/ finalizing report writing The report is to be signed by the coordinator of the program team.


It is a group of professionals who will review the SAR prepared by the PT, visits the department and submits its findings in the form of a report (AT Report).The AT comprises of 2-3 professionals taken from within or outside the University and it must have at least one expert in the area of the assessed program.


Check completeness of the SAR as per SA manual Look at the comprehensiveness / relevance of responses to various criteria and standardsVerify and authenticate the data / information given in SAR Confirm/affirm the summaries of the feedbacks/ surveys made by the PT Review the conclusions drawn by the PT from the feedbacks / surveys. Carry out rubric evaluation of SARLi st down the findings from the assessment exercise Write down the AT report on the prescribed format for further submission to QEC.