QEC Director's Message

Message From The Director Of QEC

Quality has always remained at odds with quantity. The common perception that quality is inversely proportional to quantity is critically flawed. It does not mean that quality and quantity are altogether independent of each other. Quantity has always strengthened quality and quality has augmented quantity.

Quality assurance in academic setups has remained a major cause of concern for leaders, managers, experts, faculty, and students. The desire to measure and estimate institutional and pedagogical standards has been one of the reasons for the failure of statistical gauges employed to ascertain quality. The emphasis on outcome as against impact, achievement as against accomplishment, standardization against standard, and goal as against objective has also contributed to the absence of right quality assurance models.

The Quality Enhancement Cell at Abasyn University Peshawar is committed to continuous improvement. It focuses on developing a ‘quality’ culture in higher education in the university. It aims to regularly assess and review the performance of academic programs in the university based on the national and international parameters of quality and excellence in teaching and research. The Quality Enhancement Cell is responsible for planning, coordinating and following up on the self-assessment (SA) activities in accordance guidelines set by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad.

Mr. Khalid Bilal

Director Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)